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Services.  WM Financial Strategies is an independent financial advisory company that assists public entities with their issuance and sale of bonds as well as offering capital planning and financial management services. Since its entire business involves the sale of service, WM Financial Strategies cannot afford the luxury of providing acceptable services; it must rely on excellence.

Objectivity and Independence.  WM Financial Strategies works solely in the interest of its municipal clients. The company is not affiliated with underwriters or purchasers of bonds. Accordingly, WM Financial Strategies is able to guarantee objectivity and independence of its findings and recommendations.

Creative Yet Practical Solutions.  When appropriate, WM Financial Strategies will explore the use of creative financing alternatives. WM Financial Strategies is not bound by any corporate tradition resulting in cookie-cutter structures frequently employed by large firms. At the same time, the company seeks practical solutions, which may include the most traditional forms of financing. In all cases, the financing vehicle recommended will be consistent with your goals.

Professional.  Joy A Howard, principal of WM Financial Strategies, will be involved in all aspects of the transaction, from meetings to the actual structuring of the transaction. Public officials should have confidence in the integrity and knowledge of the individuals that advise them. Accordingly, junior level assignments are not made.

Experience.  Ms. Howard has served as financial advisor for virtually every type of municipal bond, note and lease financing.

National Association of Municipal Advisors.  Joy A. Howard, principal of WM Financial Strategies, is a member of the National Association of Municipal Advisors and is a Certified Independent Public Municipal Advisor indicating its commitment to exceed industry standards relating to a Municipal Advisor's continuing education requirements and professional code of ethics.

Long-Term Relationships.  WM Financial Strategies is committed to establishing long-term relationships with its clients that extend beyond a specific bond financing. Through its long-term relationships WM Financial Strategies is able to provide services, which enhance the capital formation, accumulation, and implementation process.


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